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There is no doubt that millennials are changing the way businesses operate and market, but most recently, millennials have been demanding careers that reflect the fast pace lifestyle many of them maintain; one such path is working for a “start-up” company.In fact, millennials obsession with start-up companies has fueled the evolution of crowd funding websites such as Kikstarter and GoFundMe. Theses websites give millennials the power to be part of a company before the company takes off.

There is almost a tangible exhilaration experienced by those that believe in a concept or product and watch it blossom into fruition before their eyes. The popularity of start-up companies among millennials has been further exacerbated by millennials affinity for social media and accessibility to information at the swipe of a finger.

Millennials also have a fondness for the challenges and adaptability that small businesses can provide in their careers. Current trends have found that people in America have planned on staying at their current job for less and less time. In a study published by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics conducted in 2012, workers planned on staying at their current career for an average of 4.4 years. The study later stated that younger generations planned on staying at a job less than half that amount of time.

This change could be partially attributed to the fact that millennials are looking for a dynamic work environment that allows a lot potential for growth in one’s career, while still offer new and exciting challenges in their job.

A stagnant career with little to no change in job description is one of the biggest fears of the up-coming workforce and clocking into a 9-5 where you push papers and you preform mundane and remedial tasks is scary.

AltaFlux is a growing business that runs on adaptability, innovation and cutting edge HR cloud solutions that help companies to migrate to a cloud platform. AltaFlux chose SAP SuccessFactors, an industry leading talent and HCM cloud platform to provide a seamless HR Cloud services. We strice to make a big impact and provide value for businesses of all sizes when it comes to returns on investment. The future of SAP SuccessFactors and cloud solutions is developing rapidly and AltaFlux consultants stays on top of the technology to guide our clients through every step of the way.

AltaFlux has begun to epitomize the work environment millennials crave. From the Free Food Fridays where everyone sits down to eat a meal together, to the excitement of seeing how you are directly making an impact on the business, AltaFlux not only supports its clients to the highest degree, but their employees as well. They promote a rich work atmosphere with flexibly in your work schedule and simultaneously allowing you room to grow your career.  

A poem by Robert Frost comes to mine when I think about a future career path, and it is as follows:

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.”

 - Robert Frost

Millennials are truly demanding the path less traveled; they want to be a part of something that allows them to pave their own way. It is easy to feel like your voice is drowned out 1500+ employees, but at AltaFlux, employees agree that everyone’s voice is heard.

People ask me why I decided to work at AltaFlux over a huge automotive manufacturer and my response is that taking the path less travel could make all the difference for the future. For more information about the passionate team or what we do here at Altaflux, visit our about page and get to know us more here.

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