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Life has often been described as a journey; the bumps in the road make life exciting and an adventure. Our Principal Vijay Nachimuthu describes life as a car ride from the driver seat; it’s up to you to determine how far you’ll go and what you explore on the way to your ultimate destination. For Vijay, his passion permeates many aspects of his life, but one major part is his dedication to AltaFlux. 

AltaFlux is an emerging company on the cutting edge of cloud computing solutions relating to HR management delivered through SAP SuccessFactors. Vijay, along with our Director of Delivery, Barb Johnson, go above and beyond for clients even if that means driving tiring trips to Pittsburgh, PA from our office in Troy, MI.

On one such occasion, the duo set out in a rental car to meet with new SAP clients to find out how they could better support them. After an exciting and long two days of meeting with clients, the duo began their journey home while simultaneously brainstorming new ideas for Altaflux. Their mission was to provide better support to clients burned by other system integrators while continuing to offer the highest level of service to their existing customers. Neither Vijay nor Barb thought twice about refueling the rental car and while on the freeway, the car began to sputter and shake until the remaining fumes in the gas tank were used up. Now stranded on the roadside at 10.30 pm, the two couldn’t help but laugh because they were so enthusiastic about finding new ways to deliver solutions to their clients, that gas tank was the last of their worries. On top of that, after 40 minutes of being stranded on a cold night, waiting for roadside assistance, the battery depleted and died. Calm and composed, Vijay and Barb were able to make the best of the situation and take away valuable wisdom for the next trip.

This emerging company has a lot of potential for growth in the future, but for anyone/anything
fueled by passion and growth, sometimes the smaller things can get forgotten. For the car, passion is like the spark plugs, once mixed with fuel, it propels you forward and keeps you moving towards your end goal, but if you don’t take a second to look at the gauge, stop and refuel, you’ll find that you have nothing left to give no matter what kind of car you drive.

Passion is also behind innovation and adaptation when you’re in a rapidly changing industry such as providing cloud consulting services in SAP SuccessFactors. Burning out of fuel causes you far more delays than if you were to take a minute to “charge the batteries”, however, the entrepreneurial mentality can make even the smartest businesses push until they’re running on fumes.

In every business, however, there will be hiccups or bumps in the road and how you handle unanticipated events will determine whether your business grows, or falls flat.                                        

Key Takeaways:

  1. Take a Break - Don’t push until there’s nothing left, it takes more time to recover than if you were to settle down.
  2. Work Hard - Going above and beyond for clients can build trust and credibility. Work as hard for your customers and they will take care of you.
  3. Be Passionate - Passion is important for business growth and what you do daily. If you are not passionate, then your are not going to greater places.

For more information about the passionate team or what we do here at Altaflux, visit our about page and get to know us more here 

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