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SAP SuccessFactors has delivered enhancements and updates across the SAP SuccessFactors® HCM Suite as part of their Q3 2018 product release. Here are a few key updates you should consider for SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics.

Ad Hoc BIRT- Version Upgrade (Opt-Out)

SuccessFactors is upgrading the BIRT add-on solution from its current version 2.6 to 4.3.2.

**Customers do not have to take any action for the upgrade**

  • Customers will, where report output is in XLSX format and does not have any date/timestamp column, have the flexibility to run their reports faster by removing formatting by clicking the “Remove Styling” checkbox during report design. No other repots with date/time will see any formatting differences
  • Customers will experience significant performance gains specialty when customers select no style option.

Report Center: Listing Page Filters Sticky Across Sessions (Universal)

  • A user can have access to a very large number of reports in Report Center, particularly true for Report Admins.
  • Filters can be applied to the Report Center, to improve usability the filter setting will now stay even when you log out and back into the system.

Report Center: Change the Order of Pages in Canvas Reports (Universal)

  • Canvas reports can contain a large number of pages, which can become challenging to manage if you want to re-order them so that the story being told in the report can flow as intended. This feature re-introduces page ordering functionality into Report Center for Canvas Reports.

Report Center: Delete Report – Canvas Queries (Universal)

  • Allow for List and Pivot queries to be deleted from a Report – Canvas in Report Center.
  • A large number of reports and queries can build up in a system. Over time this becomes challenging to manage, with many queries no longer being relevant. The ability to delete List queries and Pivot queries in Report Center for Canvas Reports re-introduces this functionality and makes the system more manageable.

Report Center: Responsive and Theming (Universal)

  • All Report Center pages (Listing page, View Schedules, New Schedule) are now responsive, and will apply theming.
  • To better accommodate different systems, the Report Center pages are now responsive to screen size (minimum resolutions as per help.sap.com still apply). Each customer also has a different theme applied to the SuccessFactors solution to best reflect their business branding. This theming now applies to Report Center also.

Report Center: Improved Error Messages (Universal)

  • When attempting to access invalid reports, users are now presented with an informative error message. This enhancement will simply help prevent unnecessary support issues.
  • Reports are shared with a large audience and can often be deleted or have permissions revoked after being shared. Update impacts those areas where the sharing is not “dynamic” such as the Quick Links or Bookmarks on the Home Page.

Minor Enhancements:

  • Canvas Report: Improved Filter Searches (Universal)
    1. Improvement to the search behavior when using Report – Canvas (Online Report Designer) filter searches.
    2. The user can now use filter values matching anywhere in the value. The enhancement improves the user experience, increases efficiency and makes searching more intuitive, precise filter value or start of a value is not needed.
  • Analytics: Search for Workforce Analytics Metrics (Universal)
    1. A search box has been included for Workforce Analytics Metrics.
    2. User does not need to navigate the Metrics catalog hierarchy to find and select a measure. The search function improves the user experience and increases efficiency.
Deprecation Announcement - Q4 2018
  • Canvas Report import Ad Hoc Data Source – (Universal)
    1. Customers should build their Canvas Reports (Online Report Designer - ORD) by building queries directly within the Canvas Report. Current method of building the query as a Report – Table (Ad Hoc) and then importing that into a Canvas Report has proven to be resource intensive and does not reflect the best practice of how these tools are intended to be used.
  • User Login Reportable Data limited to 1 year – (Universal)
    1. SAP is aligning the retention period of login audit report history to 90 days, as with the write-audit for other nonpersonal/sensitive data. Customers who want to retain login history for longer periods can run reports periodically and keep a local copy. Change will ensure that 95% use case of reporting user data login for 90 days is met, while bringing down the cost of cloud.

For the full list of updates in the Workforce Analytics solution, visit the SAP SuccessFactors Community.

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