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2020 was a year for the record books and if you are like so many other SAP SuccessFactors System Administrators out there, your priorities shifted significantly. As we approach a new year, there’s an opportunity to re-align and get back on track. Here’s our list of top new year’s resolutions to help you set the best intentions for the coming year.

Keep the Preview Environment Up to Date

While this may need to start with getting the Preview environment up to date to match Production, try to keep it aligned as much as possible with the exception of development work to turn on new features. 

Set a Goal to Enable a Minimum of One Upgrade from the Upgrade Center

Make use of the Upgrade Center and enable a new feature. What have you been considering but have put off? Jump in and try something new!

Review Release Documentation BEFORE the Release Happens

With two releases per year, strive to do this for at least one of them! We know there’s always a lot going on, but make time to know in advance if anything will impact your environment.

Enable Your Team

Do you find yourself getting the same question over and over or doing the same task for the same people? If so, ask yourself how can you share your wisdom with your team(s) so they know how to fix some of those common “user error” issues? Document those frequently asked questions and share with the team.

Get Your SFX Accreditation

Make a commitment to learning about the modules you are using and get your SFX accreditation. Challenge yourself to get accredited in ALL the modules your organization has enabled - the sky is the limit!

Post an Idea in the Influence Community and Vote on Your Favorites

Do you have a great idea you think other organizations can benefit from? If so, get familiar with the influence tool and document your ideas for others to vote on. While you’re there, take a look at ideas submitted by other system admins at companies within our community and vote on those. Remember, there’s power in numbers.

Answer Another Admin’s Question in the SAP SuccessFactors Community

Look for an opportunity to help a fellow admin and answer someone’s question in the community. If you know the answer, share your knowledge regardless of if you have been an admin for a month or multiple years.

Even if you have already set your resolutions, perhaps you can add 1-2 from our list. Above all else, be engaged with your product, and continue to do everything you can to get the most out of the functionality as possible. Happy New Year from the AltaFlux team!

Need a helping hand? Chat with one of our experts to get started on the right path to supporting your system and enabling yourself and your team. Contact us today for a complimentary discussion.

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