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Dear Santa,

Our recruiting partners have been excellent this year. We know they have been busy filling jobs, helping candidates, and working with hiring managers - all while managing through a pandemic - so they may not have had a chance to mail you their SuccessFactors Recruiting wish list this year. To help them out, we have compiled a list on their behalf with functionality they would like to see in SuccessFactors Recruiting in the future.

1) Blind Recruiting Functionality

We have heard many recruiters (and system administrators for that matter) talk about their need for blind recruiting functionality. We would like the ability to hide a candidate’s name in the resume and application up to a certain point in the recruitment process. This functionality would have potential to reduce opportunities for unconscious bias that may exist and also potentially boost diversity initiatives. This would be one tool to help ensure the key thing a recruiter and manager see is candidate qualifications.

2) Emails To Be Automatically Sent At Predetermined intervals

We all know candidates can get an email when they apply or when their status changes, but it would also be nice to automatically send communication to candidates who have been in a certain status for 30 days for example. Perhaps the hiring manager has been out of the office or the recruitment process has been delayed for any number of reasons. Recruiters would like the ability to set a task to automatically send an updated communication to candidates who have been in the hiring manager review status for 14 days, 30 days, etc. This helps maintain contact and keep candidates updated on their status.

3) Require Interview Feedback

If it’s not too much trouble, we’d also like the ability to require interview feedback before moving on with the hiring process. For some reason, getting managers to actually provide feedback from interviews is extremely difficult. If we had the ability to make this a required part of the process, it may help move this part of the recruiting process along faster.

4) Different Screening Questions For Internal Vs. External Candidates

There are times when recruiters need to ask an internal candidate and an external candidate different questions. While we love the ability to add screening questions, we'd really love the ability to differentiate between types of candidates as there may be the need to get different or additional from internal candidates.

5) Updated Tags Functionality

Last on our list is to enhance the Tag functionality. We like the idea behind the tagging functionality, but it can be difficult to use with large groups because of the potential for so many duplicate tags. So, Santa, if you could create the ability for a system admin to create the tags or find a way to eliminate duplicate tags all recruiters would be grateful.

Oh Santa, we hope you can deliver some of these tools in future enhancements. We know SAP SuccessFactors is always busy working on enhancements that can make our recruitment processes easier and we are excited to see what the New Year will bring!

Happy Holidays from the AltaFlux team and feel free to contact us if we can help you work through any of your specific questions or challenges related to SuccessFactors Recruiting.

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