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We’ve heard a lot of buzz about Recruiting Posting, but what is it and how does it work? We’ve done the research and are here to answer some common questions. Recruiting Posting (formerly known as multi-posting) is a job posting tool that allows recruiters to pick and post jobs on multiple job or school boards, without having to log in to separate job boards and manage each posting separately. Recruiting Posting allows for the posting to multiple job boards all within SAP SuccessFactors saving recruiters time and allowing them to be more efficient.

How many job boards are available?

The job board marketplace contains the job boards available to set up through self-service that are integrated with Recruiting Posting. There are more than 3000 sources across 80 countries available in the job board marketplace, including free, paid, and school job boards. For those job boards that have a cost associated, a contract would need to be set up, that is maintained between your organization and the job board directly.

Who can post jobs on job boards?

Those granted the appropriate access will have the ability to post jobs through recruiting posting. In addition, anyone who is granted access to post a job through Recruiting Posting is connected with a posting profile. The posting profile is associated with the job boards the recruiter has access to use. For example, if your organization has a contract with Job Boards A and B, and a recruiter is approved to post to both job boards, they will be associated with a profile that can post to both job boards. If they should only have access to post to job board A, they may be associated with a different profile. That is part of the set-up process and would be reviewed during that time. It is important to note, when setting up Recruiting Posting, you must configure at least one posting profile to use the Recruiting Posting tool.

What is the difference between Job Board Credits and Recruiting Posting Credits?

As mentioned earlier, some job boards have a cost associated with them. When posting to those sources you are charged job board credits. Job Board Credits are the credits charged by the individual job board to post the job and determined by your organization’s specific contract with the job board. Not all job boards require job board credits, in most cases the free job boards will not cost any credits (unless there are specific instances where you have so many free postings before being charged to continue to use that source). It is important to note here, before using any job board that charges a fee, you must have a contract in place which will be maintained between the organization and the job board.

Recruiting Posting Credits are specific to SuccessFactors and were granted based on the number of licenses used in the organization and used to process job postings on multiple job boards. However, as of Q3 2020, Recruiting Posting Credits are no longer used. This is great news as it further helps to streamline the Recruiting Process; only job board credits (charged directly by the job board) are used.

Are candidate sources tracked?

Candidate sources are tracked in Advanced Analytics in Recruiting Marketing. This is helpful as it allows you to see where your top candidates are coming from and can better guide you in which job boards to continue to invest in.

Recruiting Posting may not be ideal for everyone using SuccessFactors, especially if you don’t post to multiple job boards, but for those managing multiple postings outside of SuccessFactors it’s a way to gain some recruiting efficiencies.

Still have questions? Contact us today to learn if leveraging Recruiting Posting would benefit your team.

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