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Using the SAP SuccessFactors Admin Resources Tool to Determine Internal Support

The fast changing landscape of SAP SuccessFactors solutions often makes it challenging for organizations to identify the level of internal support they need post-implementation. Fortunately, there is a tool that assists with the planning and administration of SAP SuccessFactors solutions called SAP SuccessFactors Admin Resources Calculator Tool. It enables organizations to calculate internal support requirements for administration, and determine the level effort that should be spent on building an internal knowledge base for administrators and support resources. 

The Admin Resources Calculator Tool takes a variety of factors into consideration, and will include the following when estimating the resources needed to support the solution:

  1. Day-to-day operations and support to end users
  2. Annual talent cycles (performance & compensation planning)
  3. Managing requisitions/candidates
  4. Training & development support
  5. Implement/enable new features, modules, etc.
  6. Quarterly release updates
  7. Integrations with third party vendors
  8. Organizational communications, process changes & change management efforts

Note: Staffing requirements for the same tasks above for SuccessFactors application administration may vary significantly over on-premise HCM solution administration.

Here's how to use the admin resources calculator

Step 1: Login to the SAP SuccessFactors Community Portal using your SAP User ID or S-ID

Step 2: Launch the tool using this link: http://community.successfactors.com/t5/Admin-Resource-Calculator/ct-p/admin_calc

Step 3: Next, you will be required to fill out an admin questionnaire survey

Results will be immediately shown once submitted. It will provide a recommendationed admin support team based on the modules you selected and answers to the additional questions for each of the modules.

Below is the sample screenshot of the recommended team size based on the following criteria:

- Support Level: Preferred Care
- Existing talent management processes in place
- Checked the following products for admin resource recommendations:

  • Recruiting Marketing
  • Learning
  • Recruiting (1-5000 license users and 1-10000 annual requisitions)
  •  Onboarding (1-2500 new hires onboarded in a year and supporting multiple languages)
  • Goal Management (1-2500 licensed users)
  • Performance Management/Calibration (1-2500 licensed users)
  • Goal Management (1-2500 licensed users)

Admin Resources Calculator Tool Screenshot.png

Among the many tools available in the SuccessFactors Community, we recommend that you utilize this often unknown tool to ensure that you have adequate support for your solutions. 

In the event that you don't have enough internal support, you might consider purchasing support from an SAP SuccessFactors partner, that can assist you with maintaining your solutions.  

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