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For those of you partnering with SAP to achieve HR excellence or if you're thinking about joining the winning team (SAP SuccessFactors + AltaFlux), let me share some great self service tips specific to the SAP SuccessFactors Performance Management module/template.

As the system evolves and more features are made available via Admin Center, I can’t help but to look back at my early days as a SuccessFactors Administrator (2008-2012) and the amount of time it took to prepare for the new year’s performance cycle (more or less 3 months). Since we believe in providing education so that you can adapt at the speed of change, here are some configuration items you can create, change, edit, update to have a successful deployment of your performance review process.

You can find these features via Admin Center, Performance Management and Manage Templates. (Note: You may need to login using your SID in order to view some of the following links.)

Under general settings you can:

  • Edit the name of the template
  • Add a route map
  • Add a rating scale link
  • Label ‘unable to rate’ value
  • Edit/create button permissions link
  • Edit/create other’s rating tab permissions link
  • Edit/create the scale adjusted calculation link

Fields and Sections

  • Adding/deleting sections (Introduction, Employee Information, Review Dates, Competency sections, Objective sections, Summary, Objective Competency Summary, Performance Potential Summary, Signature, Additional comments, Mid Year, Custom) link
  • Edit section names and translations text
  • Edit section description and translations text
  • Edit/create section permissions (hidden, enabled, disabled) link
  • Edit/create field permissions (none, read, write) link
  • Edit/create action permissions (add/delete goals and/or competencies)
  • Edit/create required field permissions
  • Edit/create custom fields (text field, text area, dropdown, date, checkbox)
  • Define if a competency section should be based on job code, core competencies or custom competencies link

Having completed many small, medium and large implementations, all clients have different processes and technical requirements. SAP SuccessFactors Performance Management is extremely flexible and can accommodate many different configurations, but keep in mind that the simpler configuration approach, the easier it gets when you explore the above options and test your changes.

As always, work in your TEST instance first, test test test test until you can’t test anymore, and then move your configuration to PRODUCTION (and test a little more). If you want to learn even more about Performance Management click on this link. For your information, SAP SuccessFactors and Partners are no longer able to make changes to live forms (link). Another reason to test test and test!

Source: https://apps.support.sap.com/sap/support/knowledge/public/en/2609716 

If you have any questions regarding SuccessFactors Performance Management, I'd welcome the opportunity to speak with you. Contact us for a free one-hour consultation!

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