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HR Executives, Managers, and Super Admins, did you know that SAP SuccessFactors comes with built-in, out-of-the-box analytics to provide the data you need in real time? Let's take a look at the hidden (and underutilized) gems of of analytics that you have at your finger tips via Tiles and Dashboard. With Tiles and Dashboard, you can gain insight into your team and organization straight from the Homepage and drill down to get more details with easy user-friendly charts and graphs.

What are Tiles?

Tiles is standalone individual Youcalc Tile [1]. Each tile consists of a chart and has drill-to-details.

The Youcalc engine is an in-memory analytics and calculation engine pulling data from the Adhoc reporting framework. This allows the data to be 100% up to date (real time, with no delays).

SAP SuccessFactors Youcalc Tile

What are Dashboards?

A dashboard contains multiple tiles. Tiles can be combined into a full screen dashboard with many charts on the page that can be shared with different roles.

SAP SuccessFactors Dashboard

Dashboards vs. Tiles:

Dashboards -

  • Dashboard consists of Tiles. Dashboard can hold one or more Tiles.
  • Dashboard can be shared with users, RBP roles, RBP groups etc.
  • Dashboard cannot be made visible in Homepage.
  • Must have access to Dashboard Tab to run Dashboards.

Tiles -

  • Tiles is standalone individual Youcalc Tile. It does not contain multiple Tiles.
  • Tiles also can be shared with Users and RBP Roles etc.
  • Tile can be visible in Homepage.
  • To run a Tile, you need not to have Dashboard tab access. [1]

Where to Find Tiles and Dashboards

There is a catalog of standard tiles which are built for a standard SAP SuccessFactors configuration. Additional tiles get added to the catalog with every new release. You can also build your own tiles. Some of the standard Dashboards that you can add from Success Store are:

CDP Dashboard: See targeted roles among people in your team and the competency readiness for those roles.

SuccessFactors Career Development Planning DashboardCompetency Dashboard: Overview of the most common competencies, competency gaps and competency ratings.

SAP SuccessFactors Competency Dashboard
Objective Dashboard: Overview of objective status, objective alignment and objective distribution.

SAP SuccessFactors Objective Dashboard

Performance and Competencies Dashboard
: Overview of performance form status, rating distribution and the most common competencies.

SAP SuccessFactors Performance and Competencies Dashboard

Some of the standard Tiles available are:

  • Tiles for Goal Management
  • Tiles for Succession
  • Tiles for Performance Management
  • Tiles for Multi rator/360 Review
  • Tiles for Competencies

Where Can I View Tiles?

Tiles can be viewed on:

  • The Homepage: If a tile has been enabled for the homepage, users see the tile on the homepage provided they have permission to view and run the tile.
  • On the Dashboard: After a tile-based dashboard has been shared with users, they see it on the Dashboards page provided they have permission to view and run the tile.
  • On the Mobile Devices: You can view the tiles on the mobile devices. (Drill-down view is not available on mobile devices).
  • On the Insights Panel: If a tile has been enabled on Insights, it shows up on the module page.

Additional Resources

Here are a few helpful KBA's:

Here's a comprehensive article by SAP which provides links to documentation on Dashboards and Tiles. (S-ID may be required).

If you have any questions regarding Tiles and Dashboards, please reach out to us! We'd love to learn more about your business and educate you on how you can leverage these tools. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation.

[1] https://community.successfactors.com/t5/Reporting-Analytics-and/Dfference-between-performance-dashboard-and-Tile/m-p/193745#M3195
[2] SAP SuccessFactors Analytics Reporting Directory – Available for Customers

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