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As we wind down another year, we tend to reflect on the past and in that spirit, we’re looking back on the enhancements made to SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting (including Career Site Builder) in 2021. In this blog, we’ll give you a rundown of the most impactful enhancements/deprecations for the past year. To see a full list, visit the SAP SuccessFactors Community and check out the What's New Viewer for additional enhancements.

Top 10 SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Enhancements for 2021:

#10 Deprecation of Requisition Reports

Requisition reports were a feature that allowed for reporting on requisition data only, directly from the recruiting tab. To consolidate reporting, this feature was deprecated in the 2H 2021 release. As an alternative, customers can use table reports, or if enabled, can access Recruiting data (including requisition data) from Story Reports in People Analytics.

Deprecation of Requisition Reports 2021

#9 Campaign URL Builder

For users who frequently create campaign tracking links for job requisitions you will notice a difference in how you navigate to that page. “Market Job” has been replaced with “Campaign URL Builder” making it more clear about what the link does. It also reduces the number of clicks to get to the campaign URL builder page from 3 to 2, further streamlining that process.

Campaign URL Builder

#8 Site Source Editor Available in Career Site Builder

If you are a Recruiting customer and are live with Career Site Builder (CSB), this is an enhancement worth noting. The Site Source Editor allows the system administrator to control what sources can be selected in the source tracker tool which allows you to track candidate traffic on manually posted jobs. With this tool now embedded in Career Site Builder, administrators no longer need assistance from SAP to select new sources. We highly recommend taking advantage of this if you are posting to job boards or other sites manually to ensure you can track the effectiveness of those sources.

#7 Ability to Edit Category Page Names

This is a minor enhancement but is one of the most helpful features of the year. For those using CSB, prior to the 1H 2021 release, if you needed to change the name of a category page after it was initially created and saved, it required help from SAP or your implementation/support partner. This has now been updated, so system admins can change the name of any category page when needed. We can hear all the SuccessFactors admins cheering from here!

#6 Enhanced Import and Export Support in Career Site Builder

This is another nice win for CSB customers. Prior to the 2H 2021 release, if you tried to import a file from stage to production during the period when the Preview and Production instances are on different versions, customers would receive a message but were not prevented from importing the file. This can cause an issue because functionality may not be available in the production environment when it is available in the preview environment. Thanks to this enhancement, imports will not be accepted from stage to production when they are on different versions.

#5 Posting a Job to Multiple Locations in Recruiting Posting

Jobs can now be posted to multiple locations at once on job boards that support multiple locations. Before this enhancement, you could only post to a single location at a time. This enhancement saves the recruiter time by eliminating the need to create several different postings for various locations. For job boards that do not support multiple locations, provide only the primary location.

Posting Job to Multiple Locations Recruiting Posting

#4 Email Verification with One Time Password

To provide added security around candidate data, when a candidate creates an account on your career site, a one-time password is emailed to the email address used to create the account and the candidate is asked to enter the password to continue with creating their account. One thing to note, when this feature is enabled, the CAPTCHA will no longer display. This is an admin opt-in feature, so if you are interested in using it be sure to enable it in Admin Center.

#3 Self-Service Support for SSL Certificates

This is one of our favorite enhancements of the year. With this feature, organizations can now manage their SSL Certificates for their career site (this is for CSB Customers). There’s a new page in Career Site Builder, called SSL Certificates and this page allows you to generate your own Certificate Signing Request (CSR) and upload initial or renewal SSL certificates. This enhancement saves time and eliminates the need to coordinate updates with SAP.

#2 Enhanced Cooking Management Settings In CSB

This setting allows an organization to present a list of cookies used on their career site to visitors and allows the visitor to accept or decline the use of specific cookies. For some organizations this is a compliance requirement. This is high on our list of enhancements for CSB users as it is important to let visitors know about the cookies being used on your site; and now this is something the organization can control directly.

#1 More To-Do Tasks On The Latest Home Page

Topping off our list of enhancements for 2021 is the addition of more to-do tasks on the new, reimagined home page. With the new version of the home page set to become a universal automatic upgrade with the first release of 2022, this is a big win for customers. There are many new to-do tasks for modules across of the HXM suite, however specific Recruiting tasks include:

  • Approve Job Offer
  • Approve Job Requisition
  • Complete Interview Assessment

Before this enhancement, the new home page did not contain these items on the home page to alert a user when action was required; they would instead only be accessible by the notifications icon or by going into the module itself.

This enhancement brings more parity between the current home page and the reimagined home page and makes it a little easier for customers to adopt the new version of the home page before it becomes required.

This rounds out our list of top enhancements for Recruiting and Career Site Builder for 2021. As we look forward to a new year of innovation, we recommend taking the time to go back through all the enhancements for this past year and plan to adopt the new features (especially the reimagined home page) or document why you may not want to implement a specific feature at this time.

Need help with release management planning? Check out our blog on Release Management for helpful tips or schedule a call with us to discuss our SuccessFactors support options.

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