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If you’re embarking on an SAP SuccessFactors Learning Management System (LMS) implementation, or simply want to ensure that your current processes meet standard practice, we’ve compiled the most common questions that our team fields for this solution.

How is training assigned to employees? Can we automatically assign training to employees based on certain conditions?

Training can be assigned using various criteria like position, job code, job title, etc. SuccessFactors LMS has a feature called assignment profiles which has the ability to automatically assign learning to individuals/groups or enroll them in courses. For example, some organizations have a set of training that needs to be assigned to all new hires. In this case, we recommend setting up an assignment profile to check for the employee hire date and assign training automatically. Another example would be to assign certain training to all managers only. In all these cases, we recommend using assignment profiles

Can we create an approval process around training?

Yes, you can create an approval process for training. Most organizations require employees to have an approval either from their manager/training coordinator/administrator. You can create an approval process with up to six (6) levels of approval steps.

Can we host content?

SuccessFactors provides a free content storage server (iContent) with about 25GB of storage space. All the multimedia content can be hosted on this server. iContent can be easily integrated, providing employees with seamless access to content.

Can we integrate with a third-party content provider? 

Yes, SuccessFactors integrates with several third-party content management systems like Skillsoft, Lynda.com, Udacity, Compliance Wire, etc.

Can we integrate with virtual meeting/classroom tools such as WebEx?

SuccessFactors Learning integrates with WebEx, Adobe Connect and Skype for Business with standard connectors.

Can we migrate historical training events?

Most organizations want to maintain training history for at least all compliance trainings in their LMS, and we can easily import/export this information.

How long did it take your other clients to implement this module?

Depending on the complexity and size of an organization, along with the type of implementation they select, implementation timelines vary. Typically, we have found that we can implement Learning in 14-18 weeks.

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