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Things to consider before diving in to a SuccessFactors Career Site Builder implementation

1. Shorter implementation time frame

Unlike other SAP SuccessFactors implementations, Career Site Builder implementations can be done by a certified Recruiting Marketing/Career Site Builder consultant with minimum help from SAP Professional Services. Compared to Recruiting Marketing, a Career Site Builder implementation significantly reduces the implementation timeline. In a Career Site Builder implementation, you can directly interact with your implementation partner, and can preview the site as soon as content is uploaded into the Career Site Builder tool. If you have a simple requirement with one language rollout, for example, a Career Site Builder implementation can be done in as little as a few weeks, compared to the 16-20-week time frame for a traditional Recruiting Marketing implementation. For multiple languages and different branding options, implementation timelines may vary.

2. Integration

SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Management customers who plan to implement CSB will receive the benefits of Real Time Job Sync, and Candidate and Recruiter Single Sign-On (SSO). Real Time Job Sync allows you to post jobs from Recruiting Management in real time to Career Suite Builder. Candidate SSO allows candidates a seamless and interactive flow between your career site and Recruiting Management using a single login. Likewise, the Recruiter SSO allows recruiters to have access to Recruiting analytics and creating job campaigns with a single point of entry.

As of the Q4 2016 release, it is no longer a requirement to have SuccessFactors Recruiting Management to implement CSB. If you have implemented another applicant tracking system (ATS), and want to take advantage of Career Site Builder, you can implement it as stand-alone solution. Keep in mind, that you would lose the Real Time Job Sync, Candidate and Recruiter SSO functionality by using a third party ATS.

We recommend CSB as a complimentary solution to SuccessFactors Recruiting Management to allow your recruiting team ease of access and to work from one tool.

SAP SuccessFactors Career Site Builder

3. Mobile-friendly

Career Site Builder is a responsive design solution that enables your site pages to automatically scale to your user’s device screen size. No additional setup is required to make Career Site Builder responsive, and it can be viewed on any device – PC, tablet or mobile. This is extremely important as many job seekers are looking for new positions from a mobile device. With the responsive site and mobile applications, candidates can easily and seamlessly apply for your openings.  

SAP Career Site Builder

4. Customization 

Career Site Builder also comes with Site Kit options which are best practice templates. You may use the site kit as a starting point or create your own site template. Keep in mind that you should make this decision at the beginning of your implementation as you cannot change to another template mid-implementation. Should you change the site kit, you could override existing configuration. Your consulting partner will review examples of the site kit, and allow you to point out features you may like or are not fond of. Although the site kits are templates – there are several ways they can be modified to match the look and feel you may be seeking.

We recommend including your internal marketing/branding team in the implementation of Career Site Builder, as they could play a large role in design. Involve them early so that you know what marketing material you have, or if new photos or artwork need to be produced. Image sizes, for example, should be shared with your marketing team in advance. A Career Site Builder implementation does not include stock photos, and it is important to note that company branding cannot be matched 100%.

Other useful tips:

  • Involve your IT team for sub-domain and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) set-up. As soon as you start your project, IT should initiate the SSL process, which can take between 4 to 6 weeks to complete. It is recommended that you use a sub-domain of your main website, to host the careers site. Examples of URLs can be jobs.company.com or www.careers.company.com.
  • Prior to implementation, we recommend that you provide a Complete Readiness Checklist document to your consulting team. It will educate them on the number of countries and integrations involved, in addition to your current recruiting process.

There are many benefits to Career Site Builder. A technical resource is not needed to maintain the site, as your HR system administrators for SuccessFactors can manage the content and components of the site in Admin Center. Knowledge of CSS, HTML, etc. is also no longer needed. This allows you to keep your information fresh and relevant, and there are no additional costs to change content, as there would be with a traditional Recruiting Marketing implementation. Time to value is also a win with a Career Site Builder implementation. With a shorter timeline, and no technical resources required, your new site can display your job openings in weeks rather than several months. This drastically reduces the cost and allows you to start marketing and attracting new talent much sooner.

Want to discuss further? Contact us if you have any questions, or want to explore starting your own Career Site Builder implementation.