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Picture this. You’ve invested in SAP SuccessFactors to provide a seamless and modern employee experience. You’re proud of the engaging and mobile hiring process that SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting offers to your candidates, and your recruiters have full visibility into their pipeline, analytics, etc. Things couldn’t be better… or could they?

Have you ever questioned whether you could automate other aspects of your recruiting process to save time and money? Say the interviewing, reference checking, and skills testing parts of the process? While SuccessFactors is the industry leader for talent management, there are still some features and functionality that can only be met with a complimentary tool.

Before you breathe a sigh of frustration, we understand that for some, there is a need to engage as few vendors as possible due to the burdens of contract management, budget, integration concerns, etc., but we have yet to find one vendor who can accommodate every single aspect of the HR process in one tool – and there’s a lot of tools out there!

The question remains, would an add-on tool for SAP SuccessFactors boost your recruiting efforts? We’ve taken the time to explore what VidCruiter offers so that you can determine if it’s a fit for your organization. (Full transparency, we’re an SAP SuccessFactors and VidCruiter partner, but our goal is to provide an objective view of the solution.)

To help you evaluate whether this solution should be added to your HR tech stack, we’re going to give you:

By the end, you’ll have a more comprehensive understanding of the features Vidrcruiter offers and if it would benefit your organization.

What is VidCruiter?

VidCruiter delivers the ultimate recruiter/candidate experience from start to finish. They offer a turnkey, all-in-one solution that allows hiring teams to accomplish what typically requires three or four different vendors, all from one powerful platform. By leveraging VidCruiter’s solutions, you can expect to speed up time-to-hire, improve retention, reduce costs, and connect with candidates on a whole new level.

Like SAP SuccessFactors, VidCruiter can be consumed on an as-needed basis, with no need to purchase the full suite of solutions, if it does not meet your current business or budgetary needs. They offer solutions for the following:

Video Interviewing (Pre-Recorded and Live)

The main difference between these types of interviews is whether the job applicant and the interviewer(s) meet in real-time.

Pre-Recorded Interviews

Pre-recorded interviews are sometimes also called asynchronous (meaning not happening at the same time), one-way, or on-demand interviews. They consist of a series of predetermined questions chosen by your hiring team. Candidates record responses to these questions on their own time, and you review them on yours.

Questions can appear on the screen either in a written format or in the form of embedded videos (recordings of interviewers asking the questions). Applicants see the question, typically have a short time to think about it, and then the recording begins. The amount of prep time given, the number of questions, the length of responses, and whether applicants can re-record their answers is completely up to each employer using the software.

Benefits for Hiring Teams Benefits for Candidates
  • Reduces time-to-hire by up to 80%
  • Zero scheduling conflicts
  • No timezone considerations
  • No more phone tag and long email exchanges
  • Minimize hiring bias with a structured process
  • Easy to seek feedback from raters
  • Build a talent pipeline for the future
  • Built-in structured rating guides
  • Interview more people in less time
  • Easily arrange panel and group interviews
  • Complete applicant empowerment – 100% flexibility!
  • 24/7 convenience
  • Interview from the comfort of your own home
  • Greater likelihood of securing an interview for your dream job
  • Fantastic way to showcase strengths and personality
  • No downloads! This is an appless, applicant-friendly experience
  • Receive timely SMS reminders

Live Interviews

Live interviews are similar to virtual meetings like Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime—but with one notable difference: they were actually built for recruiting!


This type of interview takes familiar video conferencing freebies to the next level. Standardized questions and ratings guides appear within the online interview so hiring teams can rate candidates’ answers in real-time.

Professional live interviews connect employers with job applicants at a mutually convenient time. Everyone still meets face-to-face, but since they do so at a distance, it opens doors to worldwide and remote recruitment. The software also makes group and panel interviews a breeze.


Benefits for Hiring Teams Benefits for Candidates
  • More insight into job applicants than resumes or phone interviews
  • Transcend geographical limitations, increasing your candidate pool
  • Eliminate travel-related expenses
  • Collaborate with decision makers
  • Keep a secure record of each interview
  • Shortlist top candidates with ease
  • No host needed to start interviews
  • Interview for jobs anywhere on earth
  • Easy-to-use software designed for a positive candidate experience
  • Get a “homefield advantage” by interviewing wherever you feel most confident
  • No added stress of traffic or navigating a new space to attend in-person interviews
  • An appless interview with no sign-ins or downloads
  • Auto-scheduling makes it simple to arrange a time to meet


Structured Interviews

In unstructured interviews, interviewers often ask different questions to different candidates, or they’re subconsciously swayed by characteristics that have nothing to do with a candidate’s ability to do the job.


With structured interviews, candidates are selected based on objective rankings—not subjective instincts. Also known as standardized interviews, structured interviews are a tried-and-true hiring best practice backed by years of research into their effectiveness.


Interview Scheduling

While this feature is currently offered within SAP SuccessFactors, Vidcruiter also offers an Interview Scheduling solution to help you eliminate taking time out of your day to book appointments with candidates.


Automated References

Conducting reference checks requires a lot of time and effort, but does it really offer that much insight into your candidates? With VidReferencing, managers can gather information on hundreds of applicants without picking up the phone or engaging in long email threads.


Audio Interviewing

Hiring for a position that makes use of the telephone? You’re going to want someone who is clear, concise, and friendly. It’s hard to determine if your candidate has these traits by reading their resume. With VidAudioInterviewing, you can ask your candidates to record themselves reading a script and hear exactly how they sound in any given situation.


Skills Testing (with Video Proctoring)

Pre-employment skills tests are an essential part of the screening process, enabling employers to find out if applicants have the appropriate knowledge for the job. With VidCruiter’s digital skills testing solution, recruiters and hiring managers are able to test for a variety of different skills in candidates, including Microsoft Excel knowledge, typing speeds, RFP simulations, script reading, and much more.


Online proctoring involves supervising digital pre-employment tests through video. Hiring teams can evaluate if candidates have the necessary practical skills needed to do well in the position for which they’re applying. HR professionals can also gain a better understanding of job applicants’ demeanor, character and their reactions to test questions through video—which is often more telling than the answers to the questions themselves.


Does VidCruiter Integrate with SAP SuccessFactors?

Yes! VidCruiter offers integration with SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting. The way the integration works is when a recruiter updates the status of an applicant, it will trigger an event using an API and invite the candidate to start an interview whether it’s pre-recorded or live. The candidate will receive a link to a landing page to begin the interview process. There’s no need for registration because you’ve already collected that information! Once the interview is complete, VidCruiter pushes the link back to SuccessFactors. All ratings, interview feedback and notes are stored in one place to make it easy on hiring managers and recruiters to find the information they need on candidates without having to copy and paste or locate multiple documents.


Vidcruiter + SuccessFactors Integration


How Does VidCruiter Differentiate From Other Vendors?

VidCruiter offers a single solution to handle every step of the recruitment process – something not many other vendors offer in one place. There’s no other vendor that offers a flexible workflow for video interviewing.

How Much Does VidCruiter Cost?

Pricing is based on the number of hires you need to make through the system. They’re a good fit for organizations with 250+ employees as the pricing starts at 100 hires. Each product is priced separately but can be bundled for a potentially discounted rate. The more hires you have, the lower the price per hire.

Integration fees are priced separately and are charged yearly. Standard implementation is 3-4 weeks depending on the scope.

If you’re looking to further improve your recruiting process and supplement the functionality of your existing SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting modules, you may want to consider integrating VidCruiter into your current tech stack. While it would be another contract to manage, it can empower your applicants to interview on their terms, reduce time-to-hire, offer structure to the interview process and much more. If you’d like to discuss how VidCruiter would be a benefit to your organization, contact us to schedule a chat with one of our Recruiting consultants.

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