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Amid all the planned and unplanned tasks on your 2021 to-do list, reviewing the lengthy list of SuccessFactors Learning (LMS) updates and enhancements may have fallen by the way side. In this blog, our goal is to review both H1 and H2 2021 release updates for LMS and identify the game changing updates that admins should know to get the most out of their application. To see a full list, visit the SAP SuccessFactors Community and check out the What's New Viewer for additional enhancements.

Here's our list of the top enhancements there were rolled to SuccessFactors Learning in 2021 (in no particular order): 

1) SAP SuccessFactors Learning Stories Now in People Analytics  
Out of all the changes made in both the 1H and 2H releases of LMS, one feature stands out as a huge shift in how admins work in LMS. Although LMS is seamlessly integrated with SuccessFactors on the front-end UI, it exists as a separate application and database on the backend. Before 1H 2021, all reporting for LMS could only be done by navigating the LMS admin center. As part of an overall push to integrate reporting in SuccessFactors, SAP has now made the LMS database and reporting available through People Analytics.

2) Microsoft Teams Supported for Virtual Learning 
In 2021, SAP SuccessFactors announced that its virtual learning service (VLS) now supports Microsoft Teams as a virtual meeting room vendor for meetings. This is a highly desired feature if your organization uses Microsoft Teams as their go-to messaging and meeting application. Not much to say about this one other than about how it’s a worthy inclusion to the SuccessFactors VLS toolbox!    

3) New Launch Method Setting for Document Type Content Objects
With the rollout of 1H 2021, there is now a checkbox labeled “Launch in a New Browser Window” for content objects that are the “Document Type." This is a welcomed addition that has many niche applications. Having the option to launch either inside the current window or in a new browser window adds a level of flexibility to the user experience even when there are multiple browser requirements. 

4) Item Connector Support for Assessments
One of the integration updates includes the Item Connector now supporting association of assessment exams and quizzes to items. The Item Connector Module Type field now contains Assessment (for both exams and quizzes). It allows for customers to bulk update assessment data through a familiar connector job format. This is a welcomed updated for users migrating from the legacy Plateau Question Editor (PQE) to the assessment’s module. 

5) Migrate Legacy Exams to Assessments
Another update related to the migration from the legacy (PQE) format of exams is the ability to download a Microsoft Excel template of all PQE data, which you can then import as learning assessments. This is a major benefit for longstanding LMS customers who want to update their exam and assessment data. Taking the pain out of what used to be a manual process, this change will no doubt save countless hours of migration time.

6) Add Programs Option When Creating Collections  
SuccessFactors has now added the “Add Program” option for new collections which allows admin users to have the option to add an open-ended program or a duration-based program when creating a collection. Admins can now add a new collection by going to Learning Activities > Users with the Author Collection Permission can now choose Program from the Learning Type by going to My Learning > Links > Collections. This feature gives admins the freedom to develop learning content while selecting collection criteria.

7) Learning Assessments Enabled on iOS and Android
This update shows the commitment SuccessFactors has to a mobile centered future. One of major benefits behind the SuccessFactors suite is the knowledge that your environment will stay with current trends. Nothing shows this more that the rollout of mobile assessments within the LMS module. This is a major step towards an increasing mobile centered world and sets SuccessFactors LMS apart from other enterprise learning solutions.  

8) Deprecation of Native Administration Learning Sign-In 
While this update does not include any new functionality, it is worth noting because of the new change to admin access.  Native sign-in for LMS is a left over feature from when LMS was a standalone app outside of the SuccessFactors integrated suite. Although admins are technically able to log in this way, it is not recommended because it leaves out the SuccessFactors BizX authentication. Removing this secondary access ensures that all authentication is done securely according to best practices.

This rounds out our list of top enhancements for SuccessFactors LMS in 2021! Although we highlighted these changes as the most important of 2021, there are many more features that might also be beneficial to your LMS environment. As we look forward to a new year of innovation, we recommend taking the time to go back through all the enhancements for this past year and plan to adopt the new features or document why you may not want to implement a specific feature at this time.

Need help with release management planning? Check out our blog on Release Management for helpful tips or schedule a call with us to discuss our SuccessFactors support options.

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