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Employee engagement – which can be built up through proactive employee learning – has become somewhat of a buzz term lately. This is no doubt due to its sheer importance. Without engagement, what is your employee offering to your company? And at the same time, what kind of fulfillment are they getting at a disengaged workplace? We’ve even seen consistent reporting that shows up to 70% of American employees are disengaged with their jobs. Luckily, the solution to this crisis is within arm’s reach.

Offering employee learning is a proven way to build engagement among your company. And by using a Learning Management System (LMS), you can even track the results.

Here’s how it can work for you:

  • Give employees the opportunity to express their interest in learning new skills, and have managers work with them to map out their career development goals. These can be linked to your LMS in order track progress. 
  • Customize your LMS to include a variety of different web-based content, including videos, informational tutorials, online quizzes and self-assessments, e-training courses, and games. Continually supplying a funnel of relevant learning aids will help your employees reach their goals, thereby increasing engagement and productivity. 
  • Analyze engagement through your LMS by pulling easy-to-read reports. 
  • Give what you want to get by engaging with your employees. If they prefer a certain style of blended learning, respond by allowing more of that to become integrated into your LMS.

Implementing employee learning can keep top employees climbing the ladder to success, and can even refresh stagnant performers who haven’t shown an interest in advancing their career path. Through offering this perk – now seen as a benefit by millennials and other generations alike – you can enrich talent pools and keep them engaged in their careers.

Our Learning experts can help you bolster engagement in your workplace. Contact us today to get started!

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