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We found in a recent survey that nearly 40% of HR respondents’ top priority is employee retention for 2017. Having digital solutions makes it easier to engage employees and also frees up time for HR to focus on engagement and less on manual processes. This might explain why we are seeing an influx in the number of companies that are migrating to the Cloud.

Over the last 5+ years, HR teams have been moving HR processes to the cloud and over the last two years this trend has picked up rapidly. The role of HR is evolving during this movement. They are becoming strategic business partners and leaders are expecting more than just traditional tactical execution from them.

Having robust HR technology to leverage is helping them make the jump to business partner. It allows them to provide critical data to help make strategic people decisions as well as show ROI on investments such as recruiting, onboarding and learning. But, like any department, they have their challenges to transform faster. Our survey showed that they need 1) more budget, 2) more time, 3) more technology, and 4) more staff to complete the digital transformation.

Do you have similar digital transformation challenges? Check out this infographic on the future of HR digital transformation.

HR Digital Transformation Stats

If you’re like most of the companies we surveyed and are stuck between the desire to move key HR processes to the Cloud so you can focus on employees, and the reality of budget and time constraints, we can help. We’ve assisted hundreds of companies in their successful deployment of digital HR strategies by implementing leading HR technologies. Reach out for a complimentary consultation today.

2017 HR Transformation Survey