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We’re more than halfway through 2017, and so far this year we’ve seen some stellar learning trends within the Human Resources world. By using a Learning Management System (LMS), such as SuccessFactors Learning, here are four things your company can do to get on board:

1. Embrace Learning

Not every employee loves to learn, but when it comes to millennials, they actually see the opportunity to expand on their skills as a highly sought-after benefit. By using features of your LMS to its full advantage, you can help millennials and other motivated employees identify workplace goals and map out a specific way to achieve them. While keeping them happy and engaged in their work, the skills they learn will simultaneously help your company fill skill gaps and plan for the future. Offering learning in this way can be used as a recruiting benefit as well as a way to retain top members of your team.

2. Offer Blended Learning 

Offering only one way of learning just isn’t effective (no surprise there). That’s why offering blended learning – which is the flexible combination of using several different methods of presenting information – will be appreciated and well-accepted by employees within your company, even for the most formal of trainings. When reporting on compliance, you’ll see your numbers go up quickly. And through your LMS, you can keep digital content fresh and customized.   

3. Put Employees in Charge

By letting employees sign up for their own courses, both for required trainings and when choosing professional development classes based on work-related interests, you’ll see ownership among your team. They’ll be able to hold themselves accountable, which is a quality that employees don’t always get to demonstrate. The key is to remain flexible by allowing training to be done when and where they like, whenever possible.  

4. Continue to Invest 

The demand by employees for continual learning has driven employers to invest more than they ever have in keeping relevant informational material within reach for their team. Companies know that building employee engagement can’t happen without motivation. And by proactively providing learning opportunities and encouraging employees to participate, everyone wins.

The great thing about all of these 2017 learning trends is that each one has major value when it comes to building employee engagement, and they’re extremely easy to implement with the right Learning Management System. Contact us today to learn more about SuccessFactors Learning.

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