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In this job market, you’ll miss the best candidates if you don’t have resume tracking software to streamline your hiring process. Unemployment is at the lowest level it has been since pre-2008 economic crisis hovering under 5% and in some states as low as 3.5%.

With unemployment rates this low, good talent have options and often are receiving multiple offers. We’re also seeing that talent quickly loses interest if the hiring process takes too long and will move on to other options.

Having resume tracking software and other recruiting tools in place to streamline the hiring process is critical so you don’t miss out on top talent. You need to move quickly in the hiring process to attract candidates. You also need to keep them interested during the interviewing process and get them an offer quickly so they accept your offer and not another company’s offer.

At AltaFlux, we enable clients to move at the speed of change. We work with SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting solutions – Recruiting Management & Recruiting Marketing to help clients implement resume tracking software and other necessary recruiting tools to create efficient recruiting and hiring processes.

SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting solutions offers end-to-end talent acquisition functionality that simplifies the entire recruiting process. From job distribution and interview scheduling to managing talent reviews and creating offers, as well as everything in between, SAP SuccessFactors supports and streamlines your hiring practice so you can move talent through the hiring process quickly and secure top talent.

Quickly schedule interviews

The Recruiting platform makes interview scheduling a breeze. HR leaders can integrate the scheduling aspect to prevent overlaps, and it allows communication between the candidates, interviewers and recruiters to be seamless. Your candidates can opt-in for SMS alerts in case something comes up, and interviews need to be rescheduled. The platform allows every person in this process to stay on top of relevant information related to the dates, times and candidates being interviewed.

Track and review resumes 24/7

With Recruiting, hiring managers and team members involved in the process have 24/7 access from any location via the mobile app to see a detailed overview of each candidate. The reporting tool gives each team member the information they need to make an informed decision on the role that needs to be filled. Gone are the days of reviewing each other’s interview notes on a piece of paper – Recruiting simplifies notes and ensures the candidate pipeline strategies are driving to better hires in less time through simplified data integration.

Offer letter generation

SuccessFactors’ Recruiting helps move your candidates through the entire hiring system at a faster pace from beginning to end. Offer letters can be sent and signed through the mobile functionality using eSignature powered by DocuSign. This feature makes the hiring process easy and efficient instead of a tedious task that requires your potential hire to find a computer, printer and scanner to sign the offer letter.

We know that HR team members are busy and that’s why the platform offers pre-designed templates to provide a sense of ease in the offer stage. These templates were made for your benefit so you can create offer letters quickly without missing any essential information.

Don’t let this economy get the best of your business by missing out on the candidates you need to grow your company. SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting can help you get the team you need, fast. At AltaFlux, we’re ready to help you recruit at the speed of change. Call or email us today for a free consultation.

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