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There's a new homepage experience available in SAP SuccessFactors as of the Second Half 2020 Release in Preview and Production. The new homepage provides an updated user experience with more dynamically generated content than the current version. Let’s look at some of the highlights!

There are four sections of the new homepage:

  • A Welcome Banner that can be modified to reflect your organization’s brand
  • Quick Actions - easy access to most frequent actions
  • For You Today - dynamically generated content pertinent to the user
  • Organizational Updates – contains custom content and updates for your organization

You will likely notice the familiar To-Do section is no longer visible on the home page, however, to-do items are still accessible in the header under the to-do alerts icon.

From a user perspective, there are a couple of wins we see right away. The first one is the quick actions section, which allows a user “quick access” to frequent tasks such as updating goals, viewing your pay statement, or requesting time off. You will not find all your content in this section, as it is not intended for that purpose. Of course, the actions available will depend on your configuration and the modules you have implemented.

SAP SuccessFactors Homepage Experience

The second win we see is for users who are actively using Recruiting and the internal career site. Employees can now see their status for jobs they have applied for on the home page and have quick access to all submitted applications.

SAP SuccessFactors Homepage Experience 2

For a system administrator, the new homepage seems much easier to manage. Since most of the content is dynamically generated, the only thing you are responsible for is custom content. Other than your custom content, you cannot manage what is added to the homepage. The new experience for managing the homepage is also more streamlined and easier to navigate than the legacy version.

SAP SuccessFactors Homepage Experience 3

If you are interested in enabling the new homepage experience it’s available in the Upgrade Center. Once you have upgraded, you will need to permission users to have access and grant permission for your system admin to manage the new homepage. Before enabling in production, we strongly recommend enabling it in the Preview environment first, and read all available documentation to determine if now is the time to upgrade.

It is important to note for Onboarding, the new homepage experience is limited to Pre-Day 1 new hire tasks only. There is no content for hiring managers or other roles so it is not recommended to upgrade to the new homepage experience at this time for those who currently use Onboarding.

There are some additional notes and limitations which are all outlined for you in the SAP SuccessFactors product documentation.

If you choose not to enable at this time, be sure to put this upgrade on your roadmap and continue to monitor product updates/developments for enhancements to the new home page. It’s definitely something to keep top of mind down the road.

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