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In the previous post we introduced Dell Boomi and iPaaS. In this blog, lets discuss how Dell Boomi is different and its integration capabilities.

How is Dell Boomi Different?

The combination of Dell Boomi’s iPaaS architecture, the maturity of the platform and the large number of users and integrations on our platform enable us to aggregate usage data anonymously across our customer base. This data provides unique ways for our customers to benefit from that aggregated data, to be more efficient, more effective and more productive, resulting in faster time to value. Additional capabilities are added as we bring new benefits to customers as a result of our iPaaS technology.


The Boomi Difference: Boomi Visual Interface

Boomi simplifies the creation of application, data, and B2B integration processes. After identifying the common steps needed to automate complex integrations, Boomi developed a series of common integration components that are available to Boomi users. When developing an integration process, connecting these components creates an end-to-end integration workflow.

Once you log into your account on the Boomi AtomSphere web site, you can design integration processes using Boomi’s patented visual designer, which includes access to a library of prebuilt connectors. Then, using familiar point-and-click, drag-and-drop tools, you can build integrations with exceptional speed—from simple to sophisticated—with no coding.


 Boomi in the Enterprise

Boomi AtomSphere iPaaS supports common transport methods and a wide variety of enterprise integration scenarios, including B2B, EDI and web services. Boomi iPaaS also provides universal translation capabilities for non-standard data formats. And with AtomSphere's connector SDK, enterprises can easily connect their in-house applications and leverage existing SOA infrastructure.

To support high performance, high-availability requirements, Boomi Atom run-time engines can be clustered into Boomi Molecules. Boomi Molecules provide fault tolerance, high availability, and intelligent load balancing of integration processes.

Boomi B2B/EDI Integration

Dell Boomi provides complete, cloud-managed B2B/EDI integration capabilities in a fully self-service model. Businesses can exchange data with partners and manage trading partner relationships without the burden of installing and maintaining software or appliances, or paying expensive consultant and value-added network (VAN) fees. Boomi enables you to manage a trading partner network of any size using a scalable and secure iPaaS. Regardless of where your organization sits in the supply chain, from manufacturing, distribution and warehousing to transportation services and retail, you can build, deploy and manage traditional EDI and newer web services completely in the cloud.


In Part 4 we will talk about how to use Boomi AtomSphere.

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