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SAP SuccessFactors has delivered enhancements and updates across the SAP SuccessFactors® HCM Suite as part of their Q1 2018 product release. Here are a few key updates you should consider for SuccessFactors Onboarding.

Major Enhancements

Data Protection and Privacy Features (Admin opt-in)

  • Introducing robust Data Protection and Privacy features to give customers the tools they need to configure and maintain the entire suite in a manner that complies with ever-changing regulations throughout the world.
  • The new Data Privacy and Protection features gives customers the flexibility to quickly adjust business rules as required by geography, ensuring legal compliance and avoiding costly fines.
Change Logging       Enables customers to Manage, Record and Report on Personal Data changes across the suite.
Read Access Logging

Enables customers to:
- Configure fields as Sensitive Personal Data (SPD)
- Manage, Record and Report on SPD across certain applications

Data Subject Info  Enables customers to generate a Data Subject (employee, candidate, etc.) Report containing all the data subject’s personal data available in the application.
Data Purge  Enables customers to configure Data Retention Rules, and permanently purge data from SAP SuccessFactors products. (NOT APPLICABLE TO ONBOARDING)
Data Blocking Enables customers to limit access to historic data within an application
Consent  Provides ability to obtain consent when a candidate applies, agrees to receive future job postings (recruiting marketing / management) etc. (UNIQUE TO ONBOARDING)     

**Data Privacy Consent feature needs to be activated separately in the Onboarding application** Based on country Level 1 of corporate structure, and country specific consent statement. Compliance features will ensure it’s working correctly. In BizX, onboarding external and internal statements can be configured. One must be configured for every country.

Minor Enhancements

Auto Extension Process for Temporary Protected Status New Hires and Employees (Universal)

  • New hires and employees with temporary protected status are allowed automatic extensions on their US I-9.
  • Prerequisite: US I-9 process enabled with reverification

Document Center Advance Search Categories Translatable (Admin opt-in)

  • Provide content in multiple languages for all users
  • Prerequisite: Multiple languages enabled with the language pack in SF HCM and languages enabled in super admin.

Onboarding – Employee Central Mapping: Unnecessary ‘+’ Icons Rendering (Universal)

  • Clients may think that there are additional field options under top level fields when content does not exist.

Translatable Data Lists (Admin opt-in)

  • Provide content in multiple languages for all users. Allows drop down lists in Onboarding to be in multiple languages.
  • Prerequisites: Applies to data lists created in Onboarding (not SF HCM), Client have to provide translated text, have multiple languages enabled in SF HCM and super admin.

Compliance Form Updates

  • ONB-19543- Updated the list of acceptable documents on the I-9 Instructions for Employees panel
  • ONB-19345- Updated text on the Section 2 Employer Review panel and Form I-9 Employee Information and Attestation panel
  • ONB-19517- Expiration date requirement removed
  • ONB-19430- Remove the question “has the employee address changed” on the reverification step. According to DHS support “there is no requirement to update Section 1 of the Form I-9 to note the employee’s change of address”.
  • ONB-12730- Restriction removed on expiration date on the drivers’ license. I-9 and E-Verify no longer have any restrictions on the date. Page 75 of the employer handbook.  NO date restriction included.
  • ONB-20559- If the new hire has a receipt for the ssn, that number is added to the AZ A_4 form in the ssn field.
  • ONB-20523- Now also allow for 9 digits and the first character no longer needs to be alpha
  • ONB-20065- Added new WEC form, New Panel in NES and OS, Applies to Native American exempt, Military Spouse exempt & Non-resident exempt, List of fields on the panel can be found in the data dictionary and start with StateWitholddingAZ_AZ_4_WEC_EX
  • ONB-19950- Instruction text on the form changed
  • ONB-19997- Value increases in section 1-3 & 6-10, Year updates throughout, and Instruction updates around date and year
  • ONB-20032- Year updated in section 1, 2, &3, Added a French version of the form
  • ONB-20031- Value updated in section 2.1 & 2.2, Age update in section 2.1, Year updates throughout, Forms updates in links on panel
  • ONB-19996- Value updated in section 1,2, 5-8, text updated in sections 9&10, years updates throughout, Added a French version of the form
  • ONB-19994- Values updated in section 1-3, 6, 7, 10, Text updates in sections 7-10, Year updates throughout, Added a French version of the form
  • ONB-19998- Values updated in sections 1,2, 5-9, Year updates throughout, Added a French version of the form
  • ONB-19993- Year updates throughout, text updates in section 11&12, Added a French version of the form
  • ONB-20035- Values updated in sections 1,2, 5-9, Year updates throughout, Text updates in section 11 & 12, Added a French version of the form
  • ONB- 20169- Values updated in sections 1,2, 5-9, Year updates throughout, Text updates in section 4-10 (renumbering and text), Added a French version of the from, Section 4 removed (tuition & education)
  • ONB-20037- Value updated in section, 1,2, Year updates throughout, Added a French version of the from.
  • ONB-19995- Values updated in section 1,2,2.1,6,6.1,7,7.1, Text updates in sections 1, 2, 2,1, 6, 6.1, 7, 7.1, Year updates throughout, Added a French version of the form
  • ONB-20038- Values updated in sections 1-8, Year updates throughout, Added a French version of the form
  • ONB-20036- Values updated in sections 1, 2, 5-9, Added a French version of the form.
  • ONB-19954- Values updated in sections 1, 2, 5-9, Added a French version of the form.
  • ONB-20342- Year on from changed
  • ONB-20344- Year on form changed in several places
  • ONB-20395- Year updates throughout form, value change in instructions
  • ONB-20397- Half yearly update to the Pennsylvania tax for table
  • ONB-20398- NY IT2104 Year updates throughout form, worksheets and tables had several changes, instructions had several updates, NY IT2104E Year updates through panel and instructions
  • ONB-20400- Worksheet updates
  • ONB-20413- Instruction updates only
  • ONB-20654- Worksheet updates including values and dates, panel has date updates, tax schedule tables updated
  • ONB-20653- Deleted text in instructions
  • ONB-20623- Values changed in the instructions
  • ONB-20585- Instruction updates only for both forms
  • ONB-20584- Version update only
  • ONB-20583- Major table and worksheet updates, Fixed the phrase ‘see page X’ to ‘see [relevant worksheet]’, Marital Status text update, Line number change in panel text
  • ONB-20579- Worksheet updates, instruction text update

**The Federal W-4 has not been released for 2018. Pending Government release**

Notable Fixes

Hide DHS Test Link

  • Before: Users could enable the DHS test link which is incorrect and should be used only by backend users.
  • After: Removed DHS test link as an option under Enable E-Verify. Users should select ‘Test’ as the correct option for testing E-Verify

Text Update on SSN Panel

  • Before: On review pages the information displayed in incorrect English format
  • After: Updated text to show as ‘I acknowledge my last name differs from that shown on my social security card’ with yes/no response.

Total Claim Auto Pre Population is Failing Under Hawaii SWH Form HW-4

  • Before: Data was not coming over from the worksheet
  • After: Now prepopulated from the Hawaii HW_W4 worksheet onto the panel.

Total Allowance Value is Getting Cleared When New Hire Selects/Deselects Exempt Option on Maine Withholding Panel

  • Before: Use worksheet to auto populate. Click close. Reopen. Click Exempt. Now uncheck Exempt. The values form the worksheet do not reappear
  • After: Values reappear from worksheet.

Contact Person’s Phone Number Printed in Maine Form is Not in Proper Format

  • Before: Phone number did not fit in provided boxes on the form.
  • After: Now it fits in the space provided

Some Text was Not Translated to Spanish on Iowa W4 Panel

  • Before: Under Military Spouse Exemption (last sentence)
  • After: Now translated to Spanish

For the full list of updates regarding SuccessFactors Onboarding, visit the SAP SuccessFactors Community.

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