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SAP SuccessFactors has delivered enhancements and updates across the SAP SuccessFactors® HCM Suite as part of their Q1 2018 product release. Here are a few key updates you should consider for SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics.

Data Protection and Privacy Features

Change Logging     Enables customers to Manage, Record and Report on Personal Data changes across the suite.
Read Access Logging

 Enables customers to:
- Configure fields as Sensitive Personal Data (SPD)
- Manage, Record and Report on SPD across certain applications

Data Subject Info Enables customers to generate a Data Subject (employee, candidate, etc.) Report containing all the data subject’s personal data available in the application
Data Purge Enables customers to configure Data Retention Rules, and permanently purge data from SAP SuccessFactors products.
Data Blocking Enables customers to limit access to historic data within an application
Consent Provides ability to obtain consent when a candidate applies, agrees to receive future job postings (recruiting marketing / management) etc.


Employee Central: Advanced Reporting Query Designer

  • BEFORE: Need to keep an ID field as a filter value. ID was not human readable.
  • AFTER: Now you can hover over and can get the value for the label value and read the filter value

Scheduling Reports through Online Report Distributor

  • BEFORE: Reducing the burden on the servers. Setup a process that would expire schedules after 3 months. This cause administrative issue for customers.
  • AFTER: Define an expiry date up to 2 years.

Report Center- Single Solution for all Reports going forward for managing all reports (Tiles and Dashboards)

  • BEFORE: To help enable this – previously could only see dashboards that were shared to you as end user even admin. and by going to Admin Center.
  • AFTER: Can access without going to the admin tool and by going to Report center.

Building Canvas Reports

  • BEFORE: Gap between the existing online report designer and report center tool when building canvas reports, which was to add existing pages in report.
  • AFTER: Can now copy, link pages to report, add pages that had been deleted previously. New menu option will be brought up.

Several look and feel improvements to Report Center

  • Report names are now hyperlinks, allowing the user to quickly run the report
  • Action icon updated
  • Category background color removed
  • Category renamed to Type

Workforce Analytics

  • BEFORE: Workforce Analytics Landing Page can now be set through Report Center.
  • AFTER: Allows any WFA user to customize the first page shown when navigating to WFA. Any Report – Canvas can be set as the Landing Page.

Workforce Analytics on HANA

  • BEFORE: In addition to using the source SuccessFactors tables, WFA on HANA can now be configured to use Advanced Reporting objects as a source.
  • AFTER: Customers can now define the source fields for WFA on HANA using Advanced Reporting terminology. The Advanced Reporting data model will also absorb changes made to the SuccessFactors data model for customers.

Nightly Sync

  • BEFORE: A nightly user sync process will run to ensure that the personal data fields on the Workforce Analytics User are kept up to date with the SAP SuccessFactors record. To meet data privacy and protection requirements, all user records must be maintained on the SuccessFactors platform.
  • AFTER: The personal data fields (First Name, Last Name, Email address, Language, Accessibility and Active Status) must be kept up-to-date on the synched user. The Sync button in User Maintenance allows for a manual sync of the user details, to be used in addition to the nightly user sync process.

General Tool and Technology

Configuration Check Tool for Reporting and Workforce Analytics.

  • BEFORE: User the Configuration Check tool to help you identify and help resolve issues when your system doesn’t work as expected.
  • AFTER: With the check tool, you can identify what’s wrong, rather than simply creating a ticket.
    1. WFA Permission Integration
    2. Remove HTML tags for ad-hoc reporting
    3. Employee Profile Sub Domain Schema is missing while creating Ad Hoc Report
    4. Check if any MDF object has been populated with data type Auto complete

For the full list of updates in the Workforce Analytics solution, visit the SAP SuccessFactors Community.

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