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SAP SuccessFactors has delivered enhancements and updates across the SAP SuccessFactors® HCM Suite as part of their Q1 2019 product release. Here are a few key updates you should consider for SAP Jam.

Search Enhancements

SuccessFactors has been releasing features to improve the search functionality enabling users to get the search results quickly. Some of the enhancements are as follows

  1. Categorized search: Which will let users to focus on results from the category of their interest such as in content, events, forums or any business records.
  2. Diacritic support: The content is also being indexed in both the original text and in the expanded form (Jürgen can now be found by searching Jürgen and Juergen)
  3. Search using word delimiters (word delimiters (Underscores, hyphens, etc.)

Configuration Type: Universal and supported on all editions of JAM

Why is it important? Enables users to get search results faster. Eliminates requiring special characters in search criteria

Microsoft Office Integration with JAM

Users of Word, Excel and PowerPoint can interact with content stored in JAM directly from their familiar Office interfaces. Using the Microsoft integration, users have single-click menu access for storing, retrieving and editing JAM documents and related content – all without ever leaving the primary Office application.

Group admins can also configure MS Office 365 document repository for their groups. Configuring repository feature is available only on advanced plus and enterprise editions only.

Configuration Type: Universal and supported on all editions of JAM

Why is it important? Allows users to edit Microsoft documents without needing to download or install the client locally.

Administration Enhancements

Some of the administrative related enhancements introduced with this release are as follows:

  • More font choices are now available for the content. Admins can upload custom font or choose from 30 standard fonts
  • Create custom look and feel by using custom fonts for overview tabs, group widget titles or home page widget titles
  • New reports added for managing forum questions
  • Existing reports are enhanced with additional user attributes

Configuration Type: Universal and supported on all editions of JAM except Basic edition

Why is it important? Empowers administrators with more fonts letting them customize Jam groups, titles widgets. New report will help them manage Jam group questions effectively.

New Poll Widget Added

JAM, when used with Learning, to measure the effectiveness of training, organizations can create a poll and allow users to voice for their opinions through a new poll widget. With this widget, users can vote directly and have a quick glance at poll results. This widget can be placed anywhere on a page giving the flexibility to the users to manage the real estate on the JAM home page.

Configuration Type: Opt-in. Only supported on Advanced, Advanced Plus or Enterprise edition.

Why is it important? Highlights important polls and surveys on the home page or Jam groups. Helps with effective crowd sourcing.

For the full list of updates to the SAP Jam Collaboration solution, visit the SAP SuccessFactors Community.

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