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SAP SuccessFactors has delivered enhancements and updates across the SAP SuccessFactors® HCM Suite as part of their Q2 2017 product release. Here are a few key updates you should consider for SuccessFactors Learning (LMS).

Support for display of custom tiles by user groups

Custom tiles can now be displayed on the home page or a custom landing page based on the group to which a user belongs. For example: If you want to collect feedback for any of the courses, you can configure a custom tile with an HTML form to capture feedback from employees and send it to the administrator. Another option would be to promote a specific course to a specific group using the custom tile.

Configuration Type: Admin Opt-In

Why is it important? Custom tiles can be used to communicate and share specific training/courses to specific users and/or collect feedback on specific courses. You can also leverage them to customize the Learning Homepage experience. Previously, custom tiles could only be controlled by organization units only. Now, by extending this feature to Groups, it allows more flexibility in defining your target audience. 

Enforce approval when a supervisor or HRBP registers/withdraws employees

When turned on, you can consistently require approval for scheduled offerings that require approval, or when supervisors or HRBPs register/withdraw employees from any of the entry points. 

Configuration Type: Universal

SuccessFactors Learning Update Q2 2017

Why is it important? This feature brings consistency in the application on the enforcement of the approval process. Previously, managers, HRBPs or administrators could register employees without the request being reviewed or approved. Prior to this feature, when course size was limited in size, users would be placed on a waitlist if the course was full. This caused confusion both to users and their registration status, and to administrators who had to manage waitlisted users. This update will allow you to review registration requests before enrolling or registering a user to the course. It allows allows administrators to track the requests and plan future courses based on volume.

Instructor view enhancements

Learning administrators can now add custom reports to the instructor view. Prior to this release, instructors could only view a roster report with the participant and classroom details. There was no way to display custom reports or view any additional information about users. Instructors had to be dependent on administrators for any reports.

Configuration Type: Opt-In

Why is it important? Instructors will now be able to view required custom reports on users participating in the course. Custom registration reports and other classroom details can be built and displayed to instructors. Other reports related to evaluations and surveys can also be added to the instructor view which can be used by instructors to assess course feedback.

Other upcoming and minor but helpful enhancements:

  • Exams will soon support all quiz features and question types in addition to these exam specific features: versioning, variants, images and objective pools.
  • Timed exams, proctoring and printed exams are planned in future releases. This will be useful to clients who are still using the exams feature in LMS.
  • A new tool will be provided by SuccessFactors to migrate legacy PQE questions to the new question library. This helps administrators to migrate the questions easily.

For the full list of updates to SuccessFactors Learning (LMS), visit the SAP SuccessFactors Community.

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