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SAP SuccessFactors has delivered enhancements and updates across the SAP SuccessFactors® HCM Suite as part of their Q2 2018 product release. Here are a few key updates you should consider for SuccessFactors Recruiting Management (RCM) and Recruiting Marketing (RMK).

Recruiting Management

Major Enhancements

Candidate Relationship Management (Admin opt-in)

  • Talent Pools are groups of contacts who may be suited to various job opportunities. Recruiters and Hiring Managers can search these as a more targeted method of candidate sourcing.

Candidate Relationship Management:  Candidate Search Enhancements (Admin opt-in)

  • Candidate Search has been enhanced to search for candidates in Talent Pools as well as fields from Candidate Profile Extension. A new Action to add selected Candidates to Talent Pool is also available.
  • Searching for Candidates with Talent Pools attributes are a great way to filter and search for candidates.
  • Can search for candidates with certain attributes, then select one, many or all candidates from the search results and add them to a Talent Pool.

Candidate Relationship Management:  Candidate Profile and Correspondence (Admin opt-in)

  • A new Action to email candidate directly has been added to the Candidate Profile. Candidate Profile has been enhanced to show Talent Pools that the candidate is a member of in the ‘Talent Pools’ portlet.
  • Candidate Profile has been enhanced to show Emails that have been sent to candidate from Candidate Profile or from Candidate Search in the ‘Correspondence’ portlet.
  • Candidate Profile has more information about the Candidate such as Talent Pool information (visible only to Recruiting users, not Candidates)
    1. Being able to email candidate directly from their Profile and being able to see emails that were sent, makes the system more convenient to use.
  • Talent Pool portlet will be visible if user has RBP permissions to view or edit Talent Pools.
  • If candidate’s Talent Pool is Public or Private owned / shared by user, then the user can see Talent Pool listed in the portlet.
  • By default, Talent Pool portlet shows the first 3 Talent Pools that a candidate belongs with an option to show all.
  • It is possible to add a Candidate to new Talent Pools by using ‘Add’ option on the Talent Pool portlet.

Changes to Candidate Profile Extension

  • Fields from ‘Data Capture Forms’ will be kept in Candidate Profile Extension –
  • Supported field types: Text, Picklist (MDF), Boolean
  • Comments field from Candidate Profile Extension was a duplicate and therefore is no longer visible – please use the standard ‘Comments’ field on Candidate Profile instead.
  • Role Based Permissions do not apply to this object – all recruiting users are able to see fields.
  • Candidate Profile Extension is so far visible for Recruiting users and not yet visible to Candidates on their Profile. Please do NOT store any recruiter-only data in Candidate Profile Extension as this object will be candidate-facing in future releases.

 Changes to Candidate Profile Extension (Provisioning opt-in)

  • For Rx customers, Job Requisitions can be created and posted with more than one value for the Location field. It would be necessary to mark one of Locations as a Primary Location. Candidates can then search for this job by any of the Locations selected on the Job Requisition.
  • Jobs in RCM that have multiple locations will be displayed in RMK/CSB with multiple locations. Additional RMK setup is not required. When multiple locations are configured on a Job Requisition in RCM it will automatically be displayed with the corresponding locations in RMK

Minor Enhancements

Admin Center > “Jobs Applied” Portlet (Universal)

  • Application Profile --> Jobs Applied Portlet: The admin switch to show/hide Jobs Applied Portlet in Application is now split into 2 switches – one each for external and internal candidate types. Note that oData access is independent of these switches.

Purge Freeze Delete/Decline impact (Universal)

  • Purge Freeze: Purge freeze would now apply to candidate profile delete and decline DPCS actions. The user (candidate self or other permissioned user) would not be able to delete candidate profile or decline/revoke DPCS until the candidate is in purge freeze. The candidate has to be removed from purge freeze for these actions.

Data Subject Information Report – Attachments (Universal)

  • Information on Data Subject Report: Data Subject Information report would now contain name of the file for fields of type attachment. Note that in case of fields of type multi-attachment, only name of the first file would come, as of now

Admin Center > “Deletion of Attachments” (Universal)

  • Admin Center > Manage Recruiting > Manage Recruiting Settings > Deletion of Attachments: Options to delete/keep attachments when profile is purged is removed. This would mean that attachments would also be deleted when profile is being purged.

Purge (Interview Notes) (Universal)

  • Purge: The interview notes would be purged when application is purged. Also attachments are purged from correspondence portlet when application is purged.

Configuration Check Tool (Admin opt-in)

  • SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting is added as an application selection option in the Check Tool. As part of this, the following Job Requisition Template validations are provided:
  • Check Assessment Scale (Validates the assessment scale-id)
  • Check Default Language (Validates the default language used)
  • Check Recruiting Team (Validates that the Recruiting Team feature is enabled, if any the template has a field of type ‘operatorTeam’

Recruiting Marketing

Candidate Relationship Management: Email Campaign Layout (Admin opt-in)

  • Email campaigns will be created and initiated from RCM UI. CSB Email Layouts will manage the branding, content, layout of HTML or text emails.
  • Email layouts can be managed self-serve via Career Site Builder. Email Campaign in RCM will consume the Email Layouts.

Candidate Relationship Management: Data Capture Forms (Admin opt-in)

  • With Candidate Relationship Management features, SAP SuccessFactors provides data capture forms that enable recruiting users to customize candidate questionnaire forms that can appear in Career Site Builder and on site landing pages.
  • Data Capture Forms allow for clients to use Career Site Builder landing pages to capture new leads. All new candidate leads from data capture forms is saved to the RCM database.

Candidate Relationship Management: Data Capture Form Authentication (Admin opt-in)

  • Existing CRM leads will click links in emails sent from CRM. When clicking on the link the user will be directed to a CSB landing page. User needs to be authenticated with CSB so the proper data capture form is displayed. Goal is to allow an existing CRM lead to submit additional info quickly and without multiple steps in the process. After the form has been submitted, the data should be saved to the users profile in CRM.

Candidate Relationship Management: Data Capture Form DPCS (Admin opt-in)

  • Integrate DPCS workflow into the CSB landing page data capture form process. When a client has DPCS active then the same consent statements should be displayed to users that enter info on the data capture forms. See attached ppt for workflow detail.

Recruiting Posting

Posting Jobs with Recruiting Posting from within Recruiting Management

  • Direct job posting to external job boards with SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Posting from the ‘Job Postings’ section of the Job Requisition View in SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Management.
  • Previously, customers had to navigate through 'Market Jobs' to post job with Recruiting Posting. To post and manage job requisitions externally, users can now access SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Posting from within the job requisition view in SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Management. There is no context switching – recruiting users will be automatically authenticated, and most of the needed job details will be prepopulated for them.

Admin Center – Manage Recruiting Posting (Provisioning opt-in)

  • Direct access to Recruiting Posting settings from the Admin Center.
  • Customer previously requested support to manage their posting profiles and manage their job boards. These features are now enabled in self-service for the customers. It will improve the time to set up new job boards and their configuration. The settings for Recruiting Posting were completely revamped to align with Fiori guidelines.

For the full list of updates to SuccessFactors Recruiting Management and Recruiting Marketing, visit the SAP SuccessFactors Community.

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