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SAP SuccessFactors has delivered enhancements and updates across the SAP SuccessFactors® HCM Suite as part of their Q3 2018 product release. Here are a few key updates you should consider for SuccessFactors Employee Central (EC).

People Search GA/CE In EC Core

New search functionality lists only the active record for the employees who are on Global Assignment or Concurrent employment.
2018 Q3 Employee Central People Search

Configuration type: Universal
Prerequisites: GA/CE in use

Why is it important? Provides better visualization of the employment in case someone has multiple employments.

Flexible Configuration for Time Account Deduction Sequence Based on Expiry

When one leave type deducts two or more different time accounts and time account balances from previous year exist the configuration option to decide which time account shall be deducted first when in addition a remaining balance in same time account type but from a previous period exist. This is especially used in the Netherlands.

2018 Q3 Employee Central Time Account Deduction

Configuration type: Admin opt-in

Why is it important? You can now decide if you want the deduction/posting order to be based on the period.

Visas (and Permits) for Employee Dependents

Allows you to browse the employee’s dependents from EC. Issue/renew/cancel document or visa for employee dependent and assign agent for processing.

2018 Q3 Employee Central Visas and Permits

Configuration type: Admin opt-in

Why is it important? Documents or visas belong to employee dependents are important as part of HR compliance topics. Penalties might be incurred for failure to maintain the documents.

Other minor and other noteworthy enhancements:

  • UserID/Username rules for rehires are now supported.
  • Termination and rehire in event of transfer used to create a new log-on name, a new option ensures that the employees can continue using same log-on name.
  • Exclude alert for the terminated subject user: If an alert is created for a subject user before they are terminated, and the user gets terminated before the alert is sent out, the alert email won’t be sent to the terminated employee.
  • You can now hire ex-contingent workers through RCM-ONB-EC integration.
  • Time Administrator can now see in the absence list the approver name and the approval date.
  • You can now enable a validation that will prevent ESS to delete the home-address (or any other subtype of addresses which is used for replication in a payroll system), thereby preventing replication errors to the payroll system.
  • Label Change for the sections ‘Current Benefits’ and ‘Other Upcoming Benefits’ into ‘My active enrollments’ and ‘Other ‘Available Benefits’ for better interpretation

For the full list of updates to SuccessFactors Employee Central, visit the SAP SuccessFactors Community.

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