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SAP SuccessFactors has delivered enhancements and updates across the SAP SuccessFactors® HCM Suite as part of their Q3 2018 product release. Here are a few key updates you should consider for SuccessFactors Learning (LMS).

Learning Recommendations Powered by Machine Learning Capabilities with SAP Leonardo

Learning recommendations enables users to find relevant courses from Learning catalog without needing to search through the catalog

Configuration Type: Admin opt-in

Why is this important? Users can now get relevant and personalized recommendations which are based on their profile, Learning activity and by applying machine learning algorithms. Helps users to maximize relevancy by indicating topics of interest by applying text analysis to the Item Title, Description and subject area to automatically generate topics related to the course.


  • SuccessFactors Platform Integration
  • Enable recommendationsEngineEnable in the config file
  • Grant workflows to users
  • Access Personalized Recommendations
  • Access Recommended Tile

Recommendations Tile Enhancement

The learning recommendations tile has been enhanced in design to improve user experience. Learning recommendations now also display the item rating and course duration when available.

Configuration Type: Universal

Why is it important? The additional information on the updated tile (Item Rating, Course Duration and Course Description) will enable users to make decisions on relevancy of courses without needing to navigate to the Course Home page.

SFTP Retention Policy Change

SAP SuccessFactors is revising our SFTP file retention policy to purge all files stored in SuccessFactors SFTP account(s) after 14 days.

Configuration Type: Universal

Why is it important? This change is being made as part of regulatory compliance requirements (GDPR) and to enhance the security and scalability. Most of the customers utilize SFTP server to store their files or do not purge them on time. It is recommended to remove the files and clean up SAP SFTP server space and host them on their own SFTP servers. Note that iContent account has been excluded from the retention policy as content files will be stored on the server.

User-level Competencies Related Functions/tTools are Not Supported in Learning

Functionality related to user-level competencies, as these should be managed in SuccessFactors platform.The following tools will be not supported:

  • Competencies and Competency Profiles Assignment to users
  • Competency Gap Assistance, Competency Assessment Recorder and Competency Assessment Editor
  • Competency Portlet and Initiate Self-Assessment capability

Configuration Type: Universal

Why is it importantSome set up competency framework in Learning and assign competencies to certain job codes, titles, positions etc. using competency profiles. It is recommended to switch to SuccessFactors Platform Competency portlet instead. The supported usage of Competencies is to create them in SuccessFactors platform and synchronize to Learning using the Competency Connector -SF. Other usage models are not supported. Competencies can be associated with Items in Learning and competency ratings can be recorded by auto-assessment via Learning Event Recorder. The competency assessment data related to learning completions will continue.

Other Minor Enhancements and Announcements:

  • When a Learning user deletes downloaded content, the progress made prior to deletion will now be saved (Learning Mobile – iOS feature)
  • End of maintenance and retirement of below features planned in Q1 2010
    1. Power Search Bar in Admin interface
    2. Admin power search bar with command and keyword search
    3. Guide Me Mode and Recommended Next for performing a task
    4. Configuring field and tab order
    5. Home page quick links and welcome block content including the out-of-the-box video
    6. Organization Groups
    7. Organizational Dashboard
  • Retirement of Catalog 2.0 Search and Calendar View - With the Q4 2018 release, SAP SuccessFactors will no longer support Learning Catalog 2.0 search and calendar view, which have been replaced with a 3.0 version. We encourage you to begin testing and upgrade.

For the full list of updates regarding SuccessFactors Learning, visit the SAP SuccessFactors Community.

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