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SAP SuccessFactors has delivered enhancements and updates across the SAP SuccessFactors® HCM Suite as part of their Q3 2019 product release. Here are a few key updates you should consider for SuccessFactors Platform, Embedded Analytics & Extended Analytics.

Experience: 3rd Party To-Do Items Tile

You can now access open to-do items from third-party applications from the Third-Party To-Do Items tile. If there is a third-party to-do item, you will find this tile in the To-Do section on Home Page. Currently, only to-do items from ServiceNow is supported.  

Configuration Type: Admin Opt-In

Why is it important? Created a single tile to integrate with 3rd party To-Do items in SuccessFactors. This provides the capability for your users to have a single place to access their To-Do items. The first partner for this content will be ServiceNow.

Manage Home Page Tool

Improved the design of the Manage Home Page tool. The Tile Catalog tab has been renamed to Repository. Each tab now has a message that explains what's on the tab. We've also re-arranged the buttons to make them more intuitive and made other minor changes to improve the usability of the tool.

Configuration Type: Universal

Why is it important? To improve user experience in manage home page to make sure all admin user could be able to config their home page in a more comfortable way.

Extension Center: Prevent Full Purge of MDF Picklist CSV Format

Full Purge import of Picklist with CSV format is no longer support. Full Purge of Picklist can still be done using zip import which includes both Picklist and Picklist Values.

Configuration Type: Universal

Why is it important? Currently Integration Center supports a maximum frequency of Daily executions. If customers have requirements to run the integrations more times in a day, it was not possible.

User Management: Show Picklist values and IDs in Manage User Page

Previously in the picklist dropdown fields in Admin Center > Manage Users (for example, Department and Division) only Option IDs were displayed. Option values were not displayed. Now Option values will be displayed along with Option IDs. This will make it easier to identify and select the right entries.

Configuration Type: Universal

Why is it important? MDF picklist now contains but legacy and MDF picklist for the customer where legacy picklist migration is taken place. MDF full purge of picklist was resulting in loss of data issue.

RBP Refresh Framework

An enhanced refresh framework will be used to update your dynamic permission groups and the permission roles in your instance. When changes occur that affect the groups that your users belong to or the permissions they have access to, the refresh framework enables a job that facilities these changes in your RBP implementation. This is being rolled out in phases to groups of customers.

Configuration Type: Universal

Why is it important? Provides the ability to handle refresh requests during both regular and high load scenarios without manual intervention.    

Instance Refresh – Expert Self Service

Instance refresh offering is now a self-service capability that invokes automated backend workflows. We can request for the refresh of a BizX instance at-a-click of a button through Admin Center UI. All instances on Chandler(DC4) datacenter will have this tool enabled.

Configuration Type: Universal

Why is it important? This is a fully automated Self Service tool that doesn’t require any support tickets to be created by admins with bug-free processing.

Minor but Helpful Enhancements:

  • Extension Center: Custom Ordering for MDF Picklist Values:  MDF Picklist supports three different sort orders for Picklist Values Alphabetical, Numerical AND ‘Custom Sort’. New Field Sort Order has been introduced which can be used to specify picklist value sort order.

  • Easy Rule Maintenance: When configuring a business rule, users can now copy & paste expressions from IF conditions to ELSE IF conditions, and vice versa.

  • Enhancements to Integration Center during Instance Refresh: During Instance Refresh, all existing Integration Center jobs are canceled in the target instance. Previously, the existing jobs in the target  (before the instance refresh) were copied back to the target once the refresh is complete which resulted in the failure of jobs as they had no reference to any integration definition.

For the full list of updates to SuccessFactors Platform, Reporting, Analytics & Planning, visit the SAP SuccessFactors Community.

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