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If you’re embarking on an implementation, or simply want to ensure that your current processes meet standard practice, we’ve compiled the most common questions that our team fields for SAP SuccessFactors Performance and Goals.

How many rates should we include in our rating scale?

While the solution can be configured to meet your current process, we would recommend the standard 5-point rating scale. This allows you to offer two “superior” performance levels, one satisfactory, and two less satisfactory. When deciding on your rating scale, we recommend you look outside of the Performance & Goals solution and think about future adoption of additional solutions like Succession or Compensation and where the performance ratings will flow once the performance process is complete.

How many steps does a typical performance form route map have?

The average number of steps is five, but it can be more depending on the number of approvers/reviewers.

We would recommend the following route map:

Self-Evaluation -> Manager Evaluation -> 1:1 Meeting -> Employee Signature -> Manager Signature

The self-evaluation step allows the employee to reflect on their accomplishments for the review period. Once that’s complete, the manager can review, capture feedback from others and conduct a well-informed review/assessment. A 1:1 meeting is always recommended to discuss and provide feedback, followed by employee and manager acknowledgement.

We have seen an added step for an HR Review, 2nd Level Manager review, or even Calibration (overall performance calibration) in between the Manager Evaluation and 1:1 Meeting.

Should performance forms be available to employees all year?

No; we do not recommend forms to be available all year. The performance forms should be assigned to employees when the final comments and ratings are required (self & manager), typically at year-end. All roles involved in the year-end review process will be able to enter comments, and ratings per their permissions.

Should HR be allowed to edit forms or just view forms?

HR should not be allowed to edit forms. They should be allowed to view and route forms to the user who needs to make a change to what has been entered with a note detailing what changes need to be made.

How long did it take your other clients to implement this module?

Depending on the complexity and size of an organization, along with the type of implementation they select, implementation timelines vary. Here are some high-level timelines to consider for the Performance & Goals solution:

Launch Pack/Solution Timeline Requirements
Professional Edition or
AltaFlux SimpleStart
6-8 weeks This is suitable for clients with 500 employees or less. Often, they lack a process, or the process is manual and adopt out of the box functionality.
AltaFlux RapidStart 8-12 weeks This is suitable for medium sized clients that have basic customization/integration needs.
AltaFlux FlexStart 16-24 weeks This is suitable for larger and/or global organizations that require a fully custom, enterprise solution.

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