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In the first two parts of our series on SAP SuccessFactors Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) we talked about Talent Pools and Activity Tracking functionality. In this blog, we will discuss the Email Campaigns feature and how you can use it to manage communications with the candidates in your talent pools and those who you are following through the activity tracking tool.

What are email campaigns?

Email campaigns allow you to send targeted, and branded emails to potentially thousands of candidates at scheduled times or on-demand as needed. In addition, your campaigns are tracked giving you insight into whether or not candidates are opening your emails. Let’s break this functionality down and explore it in a little more detail.

Email Campaigns Allow You to Send Targeted Communications

This tool gives you the ability to market to a select group of candidates for a specific purpose. Let’s say you are opening a new hospital and need to hire 100 nurses. How can you communicate with potential candidates in a meaningful way and prompt them to take action? In this scenario, you could use the email campaign feature to send an email announcing the opening of your new hospital, share about your organization, the culture, awards won, and why this is a great place to work and include a link for the candidates to apply to if they are interested. It could be you are planning an in-person or virtual job fair and would like to invite these candidates. If you have implemented talent pools, you may already have candidates that you can begin marketing to. You can add one or more talent pools to an email campaign and/or add candidates directly from your search results to the email campaign. You can send multiple campaigns as necessary, but keep in mind you don’t want to overload email boxes, you want your messages to be read and candidates to take action.

Email Campaigns Allow You to Send Branded Communication

Using the email campaign feature allows you to send branded communications to candidates. You can include, formatted text, logos, pictures etc. You can select from templates your team has already created or create a brand new one. When using a template, you still have the ability to modify text as needed, providing the option to create a new campaign quickly and with ease.

Having the ability to customize email templates ensures you can keep your branding consistent across all email campaigns. You want candidates to recognize your brand and feel compelled to take action when they see your email.

Email Campaigns Are Tracked

Everyone wants to know the effectiveness of their campaigns; is anyone seeing it? Are they taking action or are they opting out of future campaign emails? These are all questions you can have insight into. Email campaigns are tracked allowing visibility into candidate actions. Campaign senders can see the following actions:

  • Views – the number of recipients who viewed the email
  • Clicks - the number of recipients who clicked the link in the email
  • Unsubscribed - the number of recipients who unsubscribed from future communications
  • Undeliverable - the number of recipients who did not get the email due to an invalid email address
  • Not Sent – the number of recipients the campaign was not sent to because they have opted out of receiving marketing email communications, or because they have neither opted-in or out of receiving marketing communications

The is valuable information to help you understand how you're marketing and communicating to your candidates, and it can all be seen without ever having to leave Recruiting.

In order to use the email campaign features (as well as all of the CRM features we have discussed in our series), you must be using Recruiting as well as Career Site Builder. wrap up our CRM series and explore the landing pages and data capture forms feature.

Need help enabling CRM features? Contact us today to discuss how this may enhance and/or impact your current processes.

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