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As we’ve explored SAP SuccessFactors’ Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) tools, we have seen how talent pools, activity tracking and email campaigns can help us manage prospective candidates. To conclude our series, we’ll look at Data Capture Forms which allows us to generate leads and collect additional information on candidates.

What are Data Capture Forms?

Data capture forms allow a user to create a custom “form” requesting additional information from a candidate that is not part of the standard candidate profile. Data capture forms are added to a landing page and when completed by candidates, they store additional in the candidate profile extension portlet on the Candidate profile.

When Would I Want to Use a Data Capture Form?

Data capture forms can be an excellent tool to generate candidate leads. This tool can be used in so many ways, but here’s two examples:

  • Suppose you are from a healthcare organization and are hosting a booth at a conference for nurses. You always have a need to hire nursing professionals and want to make sure you are connected with as many attendees as possible. You can create a landing page, specific to this event (so you will know where the candidate came from) with a data capture form asking a few additional key pieces of information that may be helpful to you such as, how many years of nursing experience do you have or what area of nursing is your preferred specialty? The link to your landing page can be shared with nurses on various materials or even allow them to fill it out on the spot while you are there.
  • You are opening a new retail store and are planning a job fair. You’d like to drum up interest and promote it to see how many people may be interested in attending. You’ve been using talent pools to group candidates who may be a good fit for roles at your store, and you’ve also identified through candidate search some additional candidates who you’d like to notify about the event. You can create an email campaign with a link to your landing page and data capture form; once candidates fill out the data capture form you can use that data to help target further communications for candidates who complete your form.

What We Love About Data Capture Forms

  1. Data Capture forms are searchable in the candidate search tab. Using the “Activity” filter, you can select Completed Data Capture Form and then enter the data capture form code unique to your form. This will bring back a list of everyone who completed the form.
  2. You can add the data capture form code to your list of saved searches and automatically populate your talent pool (YES, AUTOMATICALLY!) Once added to your saved search and set up to populate your selected talent pool, this job will run nightly.
  3. Data Capture Forms can be created with a combination of text, drop down, and checkbox fields, giving users the ability to create opportunities to collect additional key pieces of data you don’t have in the candidate profile. (Handy for when you only need to collect data from a subset of candidates).

Implementing Data Capture Forms

As a reminder, in order to take advantage of Data Capture Forms (and all of the other CRM features) Recruiting and Recruiting Marketing must be active. Additionally, a career site created with Career Site Builder and the ability to create landing pages is required, as data capture forms must be used in conjunction with landing pages.

Data capture forms are a convenient way to market specific events and job openings and to reach perspective candidates; and when used in combination with all other CRM features gives organizations the power to market to and manage candidates without ever having to go outside of SuccessFactors.

Need help enabling CRM features? Contact us today to discuss how this may enhance and/or impact your current processes.

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